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Kathryn Findlater

Early Childhood Trainer and assessor

Kathryn is a highly experienced Early Childhood Trainer and Assessor, with an impressive track record spanning over 15 years. Her extensive industry background and industry currency demonstrate her unwavering competency in educating and nurturing students’ knowledge and understanding within the realm of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Her enthusiasm is palpable, as she passionately supports her students in their journey to become innovative and high-quality Early Childhood Educators. Committed to ensuring students have a delightful and enriching learning experience, Kathryn employs a diverse range of teaching methods, activities, and tools to captivate their attention, kindle their interest, and encourage active participation. When studying under Kathryn’s guidance, students emerge equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel as passionate and high-quality Early Childhood Educators, all within a secure and engaging learning environment.

Business Trainer and assessor

Tony has 14 years of vocational training experience under his belt and brings a hands-on approach to skill development that ensures maximum impact. His training methods are not only engaging but also tailored to the specific context and the unique needs of his students, creating an effective, safe, practical, and enjoyable learning environment.

Tony Chalfe

As a trainer, his primary goal is to empower students with the expertise and qualifications necessary to secure employment, upskill in their current roles, explore new career paths, or take on additional responsibilities. He firmly believes that learning should be flexible and personalised to cater to individual student needs. He is dedicated to fostering a flexible and engaging learning environment, paying close attention to his students’ capabilities, requirements, and progress. He is adept at recognising and addressing potential challenges they may encounter, and he adapts his teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles, ensuring that concepts and instructions are communicated clearly and comprehensively.

Fabio Cazzoli

Business Trainer and assessor

Fabio has over 15 years of experience teaching vocational and post-graduate coursesin Sydney and Melbourne. He’s an expert in Management, Leadership, Hospitality, Project Management, and Marketing. His vast real-world experience enables him to incorporatepractical wisdom into his teaching. Fabio is passionate about teaching and inspiring the next generation of professionals.