We understand that students face many challenges during their academic journey, such as academic and emotional stress. This is especially true for international students who are far from home, family, and friends.



At AIPT, we provide comprehensive support for both domestic and international students through our policies and procedures. Our dedicated trainers and administration staff offer exceptional assistance, and we also have full-time Student Welfare Officers who are committed to supporting students. Our confidential counselling services are provided at no cost to students.

Our Melbourne campus offers a range of professional support services, including:

  1. Airport pick-up for first time arrivals
  2. Accommodation assistance and guidance
  3. Academic guidance and support
  4. Medical and health assistance
  5. Getting you started with your new environment

Our AIPT Student Welfare Officers work closely with our trainers to provide comprehensive assistance to all students with study-related issues. This includes support with study skills, time management, assessment preparation, special needs, motivation, and stress management. You can count on us to help you succeed in your studies.